Author: Tricia Monsen

Scott & Evelyn T.

We had our kitchen remodel finished up in July 2017. I was very pleased to have Tricia leading the way on this difficult task. We began with the planning and the cost of this project. Tricia even brought in a realtor to give me and estimation of what my home new value would be, with a remodeled kitchen, before we even started the project. She was available, informed, and had all the details a contractor would need for this project. During this stressful time, when there is dust and no place to eat, things did not get out of control. Tricia was always on top of any situation. She made it her job to look for the best prices along with the best quality. I saved a lot of money and was very pleased with the quality of my kitchen. Her cost was reasonable, and her drawings were so good that the engineer could use them, saving me $500.00 dollars. She was very respectful of my work hours, so I was able to keep working my normal schedule. I would give Tricia 5 stars for the excellent job she did for me. The transformation of my kitchen is amazing and the value of my home went up substantially.

Thank You Tricia!

Evelyn and Scott T.
Bonney Lake, WA

Before Photos



Vintage Brass Hollywood Tripod Lamp

This vintage brass Hollywood telescoping tripod lamp was once used for cameras, now is a sleek lamp. It stands 58″ tall with the shade. The gold lined silk shade is 15x19x12. The lamp also has a 3 way switch. $200

Korean War Era Artillary Shell Case Lamps

Two 1953 US Military 75 MM M31A1 Recoiless Rifle Artillary Shell Cases that have been made into lamps. Each has a 30 watt edison bulbs that are controlled by an in-line switch with 2 levels of brightness. They give out a great light pattern and are great for ambiance. 16″ x 4.25″ $150 for pair

Vintage Skis

These vintage skis would look great displayed up on a wall. They date between 1935-1940 and are made by the Northland Ski Mfg. Co. in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They are in great condition for their age, just a few areas of wear, which I show in the photos. They are 76.5″ tall and are 3.5″ wide at widest point. $100